IoT WiFi DIY motion detector with e-mail notification using PIR sensor and ESP8266

In this project I am using the ESP8266 WiFi module and PIR sensor motion detector to get e-mail alerts if someone enters the room while I am away. I am using GadgetKeeper Cloud Platform to bring e-mail notifications with PIR Sensor. I have choose GadgetKeeper Cloud Platform because it’s FREE and easy to use. The whole project costed me around $7 and was pretty easy to build.

Step 1: Parts

  • 1× esp8266-07 – Ebay;
  • 1× PIR Sensor – Ebay;
  • 1x Bread Board Power Supply – Ebay;
  • 1x 12V AC-DC Power Adaptor – Ebay;
  • 2x 400pin Breadboard – Ebay;
  • Wires.

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GSM Shield Home Alarm

arduino gsm shield alarm movement pir sensor keypadThe other day my father and I were discussing about the problems of living in a third world country. Because of the social inequality, there is little security on the streets. Also one major problem is that no one is secure, even the 1% richer, because there are know cases of robbers getting inside homes even on private neighbourhoods. We ended up thinking about putting a home security system  in our house. The problem is those are very expensive and, in general, they just ring an alarm to scare potential thieves, but they don’t actually warn you in real-time that your house is being invaded. A complete system would be even more expensive. So I got the idea to make my own Arduino based home alarm. I just had to buy a GSM shield for the Arduino Uno, because all other parts I already had.

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